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Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai was set up with the vision of taking healthcare delivery to the next level. With cutting-edge technology being the focus of this institution it envisages a massive leap for healthcare in India.
Here are some of the highlights that make Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai stand out:
  • The first fully wireless hospital in Asia
  • The first wireless ECG management system in India
  • The highest number of beds in ICU (100) assisted by female and male nurses suiting the patient’s comfort
  • The first Intelligent ICCA system enabling anytime-anywhere patient data retrieval system by doctors in Mumbai
  • The first paperless ICU in Mumbai
  • The largest state of the art eight bedded Accident and Emergency unit in South Mumbai with round-the-clock vigilance
  • The first GPS enabled ambulance service that sends relevant statistics to the doctors, reducing the door-to-needle time in emergency cases such as Stroke, Myocardial infections and injuries
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  • Heart Care
    For over two decades, Wockhardt Hospitals has dedicated its services to the field of cardiac care in India and can proudly claim the spot of the market leader. The proficiency, precision and skill of our cardiac services demonstrate our pioneering contributions in this field.
  • Bone & Joint Care
    Wockhardt Hospitals is the country’s premiere hospital specializing in the care of the musculoskeletal system. They benefit from the experience of its professionals providing comprehensive orthopedic care to its patients. The bone and joint program at Wockhardt Hospitals makes it a center for...
  • Brain & Nerve care
    The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system. This complex system is a part of everything we do. It controls the things we choose to do and hence even a small disorder can be of grave danger to our lives.
  • Spine care
    The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system. This complex system is part of everything we do. It controls the things we choose to do, thus a small disorder can be of grave danger to one's life.
  • Digestive Care
    The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology at Wockhardt Hospitals offers wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for all the diseases related to gastrointestinal, liver and pancreas. Under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced surgeons, this highly specialized unit...
  • Nephrology & Urology
    Urologists at Wockhardt Hospitals evaluate and treat a wide range of prostate and urologic disorders in adult patients. Our surgeons use the latest techniques in helping you get the best and aim towards better health every time. Wockhardt Hospital provides a whole range of comprehensive and...
  • Aesthetic care
    Aesthetic surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals provides a comprehensive range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Wockhardt Hospitals uses state-of-the-art technology and innovative procedures to provide unparalleled care and safety for its patients.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Wockhardt Hospitals is a comprehensive clinical department that provides investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of obstetric and gynecological conditions.
  • Oncology
    At Wockhardt Hospitals, our physicians bring the power and resources of a world-class network to help patients fighting cancer. The latest pharmaceuticals and leading technologies are all employed help win over cancer. In addition a family care center that too, in a homely environment is provided...
  • Critical Care
  • Internal Medicine

Hospital Guide


Following services are available at Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai - New Age.

  • AmbulanceAmbulance
  • Critical Care/ ICUCritical Care/ ICU
  • CT ScanCT Scan
  • DialysisDialysis
  • Diet ConsultationDiet Consultation
  • EmergencyEmergency
  • PharmacyPharmacy
  • PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy
  • SonographySonography
  • X-RayX-Ray


  • FoodFood
  • ParkingParking
  • Patient Rights

    Please read your rights and responsibilities while you are a patient at Wockhardt Hospitals, at any of our locations including: South Mumbai, North Mumbai, Nashik, Rajkot, Surat, Nagpur Heart Care, Nagpur Super Speciality, Goa and Surat. 

  • Lodging Near Hospital


    Opp. Minerva Theatre, Next to Navjeevan Society, Lamington Road, Mumbai – 400 007
    Website: www.parkshilton.in

  • Insurance and financial support

    Please contact our official help desk for support.

  • Dos & Donts

    • Keep your mobile on silent mode
    • No tobacco
  • Visitor Guidelines

    For the comfort and care of all our patients we except our visitors to observe the following rules:

  • Visiting Hours

    5 PM to 7 PM
    (unless you are notified by the Doctor/Nurse of additional restrictions)

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South Mumbai

Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai
A New Age Hospital
1877, Dr.Anand Rao Nair Road,
Near Agripada Police Station,
Mumbai Central (E),
Mumbai- 400 011

+91 - 022 – 61784444

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