Dr Kamlesh K. Khandelwal

General Procedures Surgery
40 Years
022 61784444
  • Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery(FALS), India 2014
  • Fellowship in minimally invasive surgery(FIAGES), India 2007
  • M.S.(Gen.Surgeon) from B.Y.L. Nair Hospital 1981
  • M.B.B.S. from Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai 1978

Clinical Experience :

My Medical career began by joining one of the most prestigious medical college, Topiwala National Medical College in 1973. I completed MBBS in 1978 and registered myself for Masters Course in Surgery under supervision of Late Dr. C.N.Dedhia(an urologist).

My inclination towards surgical branch began during student of medicine & earlier in my career during internship arranged for Lap. TL program in rural area called Borkhund near Dhule in Maharashtra.

My basic surgical skills developed during house officers’ post in General Surgery with Dr. D.R. Trivedi, in E.N.T. with Dr. L.H. Hiranandani & in Orthopedics with Dr. D.D. Tanna. I joined Rajawadi Hospital, Mumbai in 1980 as Surgical Registrar with Dr. Y.R. Kher(Head of Surgical Dept. Nair Hospital), where I received competence in decision making, operative techniques,post0operative management of difficult and complex surgeries. Before entering the private practice arena, I joined Late Dr. P.K. Jhawer at Bombay Hospital as an observer for about 6 months. He allowed me to assist during cholecystectomies, Thyroid as well as Parathyroid surgeries, and eventually he allowed me to operate independently, which boosted my confidence.

I am practicing as consulting surgeon since 1986, affiliated with D. S. Kothari Hospital since 1990, Bhatia Hospital since 1991 & Jaslok Hospital since 2007. I perform all major G.I. tact surgeries and my main areas of interest are :-

  1. Minimally invasive surgeries which include Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, Adhesiolysis fundoplication, colonic resection, APR, Splenectomy, Bariatric Surgery & So on. I am expanding this now to Thyroid as well as Parathyroid surgeries.
  2. Thyroid and Parathyroid surgeries for benign as well as malignant diseases.
  3. Breast Cancer Surgery like Radical mastectomy & breast conservative surgeries.
  4. Ano-rectal disorders include stapled hemorrhoidopexy, fissures fistula, etc.
  • Maharashtra Medical Council, Mumbai – Reg.No.-41057 dated 17/03/1979
  • Life Member Indian Medical Association dated 13/06/1997(5460)
  • Life Member of Indian Association of G.I. Endo-Surgeon (297)
  • Life Member of Association of Surgeons of India(8518)
  • Life Member of Indian chapter of the International Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Association
  • Life Membership of ELSA In June 2000(885)
  • Founder Member of AMASI Nov 2003 (316)
  • Life Member of Indian Hernia Society dated 20/01/2009
  • Zonal Member (West Zone) of IAGES from 2002-04
  • Honorary treasure IAGES since 2012

Presentations :

  1. Seminar on Mirizzi’s Syndrome at Bhatia Hospital
  2. Symposium on Laparoscopic surgeries for Family Physicians
  3. Stapler technique for Hemorrhoids during seminar on Colo-rectal surgery at Bhatia Hospital
  4. Sterilization of Endoscopic instruments at Infection Control Meeting at Bhatia Hospital
  5. Prevention of Infection at Symposium arranged by Johnson & Johnson
  6. CME Workshop on Minor Surgeries – 27th Annual Conference towards Rejuvenation of Family Practice at Bombay Hospital 1997
  7. Faculty to conduct live workshop on Minimally access surgeries for practicing general surgeons along with Hands on practice for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on pigs at Udaipur on 21st & 22nd March 2003.
  8. Seminar on DVT prophylaxis in surgery at Bhatia Hospital on 10.11.2004
  9. Faculty to conduct live workshop on Laparoscopic Hernia repair and Cholecystectomy at Surat Civil Hospital and Gohil Hospital at Navsari, Gujrat on 26th & 27th March’05
  10. Case report on laparoscopic management of unusual content of femoral hernia sac content at Masicon 2009, Aurangabad.
  11. Case report on laparoscopic management of calyceal diverticulum at Masicon 2009, Aurangabad
  12. Faculty to conduct live workshop on Lap. Ingunail Hernia at Belgaum on
  13. Faculty to demonstrate live Lap. Hernia repair at Vadodara on 27-28th Nov 2010
  14. Faculty to demonstrate live Lap. Ventral Hernia repair at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai in MASICON 2011 on 4th Feb 2011
  15. CME at Bhatia Hospital on Thyroid and Para-thyroid diseases on 11th Aug’11
  16. Presented a paper consecutive cases of sinistro-position of gallbladder at APHPBA2011, Melbourne, Australia on 28-30th Sept’2011
  17. Presented video on Torsion of pedenculated accessory lobe of liver associated with Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis at APHPBA2011, Melbourne, Australia on 28-30th Sept’2011
  18. CME at Bhatia Hospital on Thyroid Carcinoma & Hyperparathyroidism
  19. CME at Bhatia Hospital on Acute Abdomen
  20. CME at Bhatia Hospital on Acute Pancreatitis
  21. CME at Bhatia Hospital on Small bowel obstruction
  22. Faculty at Joy Hospital to demonstrate TAPP Inguinal Hernia repair

Publications :

  1. Intestinal Perforations submitted to University of Bombay for Masters Degree in general surgery in 1981.
  2. Evaluation of Efficacy of 1% Metrogyl gel in wounds – Indian Journal of Clinical Practice – Vol.5, No.9, Feb’95.
  3. Anaerobic infections
  4. Increasing incidence of Peptic Ulcers – Why & How – Physicians’ Digest – June – July 1999, Vol. 8, No. 2.
  5. Cholelithiasis – ‘D’ ward medical association bulletin – Jan-June 2001
  6. Torsion of accessory liver lobe associated with acute acalculous cholecystitis IJOS 2011