Dr Kapil Agrawal

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Care, Aesthetic care
M.B.B.S, MS(Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
24 Years
022 61784444
  • M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) from T.N. Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair CH. Hospital, Mumbai University, Mumbai(Maharashtra) passed Aug/Sept 2005 at First Attempt.
  • M.S (Gen. Surg.)from Bangalore Medical College & Bowring Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore (Karnataka) Passed Sep/Oct 2000 at First Attempt.
  • M.B.B.S from Pt. J.N.M. Medical College & M.C. Hospital, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur(M.P.)Passed March 1996 at First Attempt.

Profile at Glance :

  • A Dedicated and extremely patient person, adept professional offering over 10 years of experience in Plastic surgery.
  • Hands-on experience in Aesthetic (cosmetic) & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.
  • An innovative & diligent person with artistic vision & immense knowledge & understanding of human aesthetics.
  • Having special interest & skills in aesthetic surgeries.

Won accolades from International authors for developing newer and easier techniques to improve results in rhinoplasty.

Professional Experience

Work Experience

Growth chart :

  • Post M.Ch. Experience(August 2005 – till date)
  • During M.Ch. Experience TNMC & B.Y.L. Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai.(May 2002 – Aug 2005)
  • Pre M.Ch. Experience – M.G.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai(Aug 2001 – April 2002)

Post M.CH.

Presenting working as Professor(Addl.) Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. Here I am managing all kind of cases & doing all possible types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Worked as Assistant Prof. at T.N.Medical College & Kasturba Hospital from 12-01-2006 to 09-12-2008, here I looked after the Burns unit & managed acute burn as well as sequlae of burns. Promoted as Associated Professor & transferred to dept. of Aesthetic, Reconstructive & Burns Plastic Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai on 10-12-2008.

Done prestigious EMSB Course (Conducted by Dutch Burn Foundation) in Emergency Burn Management.

Trained in Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery by Various National & International Giants in Plastic Surgery.



National Faculties :

  • Worked as fellow to Dr. Ashok Gupta (A Prominent cosmetic surgeon doing all types of Cosmetic plastic surgeries)
  • S.U.Prasad (A component micro surgeon who is a master in reconstructive plastic surgery).
  • As an observer with Late Dr. B.M. Daver (Internationally famous for his rhinoplasty skills) & Dr. L.D.Dhami (well known for mega liposuction in India)
  • An observer to Dr. Rajesh Rajput: well known for Hair grafting in India

International Faculties :

  • Visiting fellow with renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Abdul Reda Lari at Kuwait (Middle East) where I got trained in Total Body Contouring.

Attended Master classes and video lectures of –

  • Dr Saldanha (Brazil, Dubai) Total body liposculpturing & Auto fat grafting,
  • Med. Wolf gang Gubistch(Germany) Modern Septorhinoplasty
  • Gaith Shubailath(Jordan) Septorhinoplasty & Auto fat grafting
  • Nazim cerkes(Turkey) Septorhionoplasty
  • Gino Rigotti(Italy) New concept of Breast augementation & Total Breast reconstruction with Auto fat graft,
  • Ruth Graf(Brazil) Breast reduction, augmentation & mastopexies.
  • Elizabeth Hall findely(Vienna) verticle scar breast reduction and mastopexies.
  • Thomas Biggs (USA) Face lift, forehead & Brow Lift & blepharoplasty. By attending various national & international conference, totorials & master classes.
  • Learnt Basics of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery from Dr Uday Bhat & Dr S.U. Prasad.

Cases I do in cosmetic plastic surgery

Facial rejuvenation :

  • Blepharoplasty :- surgery for baggy eye lids
  • Face lift; conventional surgical face, neck, brow & forehead lift.
  • Thread lift(non surgical face lift with especially designed imported threads)
  • Facial filters(To contour the facial depressions, augmentation of lip(pouting lips) and to rejuvenate the aging face.
  • Borbox To remove forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, perioral wrinkles etc.
  • Autofat grafting for contouring and rejuvenation of face and other parts of the body
  • Body Contouring
  • Rhinoplasties with newer concepts
  • Reduction
  • Augmentation, using cartilage grafts/imported implants.
  • Cheek and chin implants to augment cheek bones and depressed/small chin.
  • Cheek and chin dimple creation
  • BREAST; Augmentation, reduction, lift(Mastopexy) & reconstruction
  • Gynecomastia; Reduction of male breasts.
  • Liposuction, tummy tuck/abdominoplasty, branchioplasty, thigh & buttock lift
  • Buttock augmentation by auto fat graft or by implant
  • Medical treatment for hair fall & premature graying of hair

Genital aesthetics : FEMALE :-

Augmentation of labia majora.

Reduction of labia minora



Vaginal tightening


Penile lengthening & girth.

Reconstructive surgeries for birth defects, post traumatic or post excision defects(cancer reconstruction) except free flaps.

  • Birth defects
  • Cleft lip/palate repair
  • Syndactyly/polydactyly
  • Hemangioma and other vascular malformations.
  • Absent vagina(Vaginoplasty)
  • Trauma reconstruction
  • Various conventional flaps to cover the defects of hands and other parts of the body
  • Replantation of fingers/toes
  • Tendon/nerve/vascular repairs
  • Nose and ear reconstruction
  • Tissue expansion
  • Cancer reconstruction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burns scars and contracture release
  • Tendon transfer surgery for post leprosy and post traumatic deformities of hands
  • Maxillofacial injuries(jaw bone and facial bone fracture surgeries)
  • Dissertation : Done my dissertation on “Secondary correction of cleft lip nasal deformity: A Genuine study of 20 cases”.

The experience gained by this operative research work which was appreciated by my teachers, examiners & other seniors in plastic surgery, is being used by me to give a near normal look in these patients.

Academic Awards :

  1. Peet prize 2016 for “Acetic Acid Dressings”. Finding the Holy Grail for Infected Wound Management.
  2. N H Antia best publication award – for article “Namaste(counterbalancing) technique”: Overcoming warping in costal cartilage.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Singing :

  • All the 5 Years of M.B.B.S. I got “Best Singer” Award.
  • Doordarshan Raipur had recorded a petriotic song in my voice and relying it on occasions.
  • All the three years of M.Ch. I sang in all college programmes.
  • Performing at national level on Sh. Mohd Rafi’s death anniversary every year.


During M.B.B.S. Two times I participated in painting competition and got prize on both occasions.

Life Membership

  • APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons on India)
  • MAPSI (Maharashtra chapter of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India)
  • NABI (National Association of Burns India)
  • IAAPS (Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of India)
  • MPCAPS (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, MP & Chhatisgarh chapter).
  • Cleft Association of India
  • Recently applied for Membership of ISAPS.
  • AMC, Mumbai.

IMA, Mumbai

Research Publications

  1. Autologous Fat Transfer for Esthetic Contouring of face in Posttraumatic Nonfunctional Maxillofacial Deformities – CMTR2016 JUN9(2)P 113-20 – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – THIEME MEDICAL PUBLISHERS NEWYORK – 1943-3875 – FIRST AUTHOR
  2. Text Neck view a new photographic tool for assessment of nasal dorsum in crooked noses – PRS VOL 138 VIEWPOINTS P 166e-167e – International – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – WOLTERS KLUWER MEDKNOWN PUBLISHERS NEWYORK – 0032-1052 – FIRST AUTHOR
  3. A refined technique for management of nasal flaring: The quest for Holy Grail of alar base modification – APS Vol.43/No.#/Month 2016/International – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – KOREAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEONS KOREA – 2234-6163 – FIRST AUTHOR
  4. Total nasal septal construction with costal cartilage in difficult cases of secondary septoplasty – Plastic and Aesthetic Research Journal – International – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – ITALIAN FEDERATION OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE(FIME) 2347-9264 – FIRST AUTHOR
  5. Management of complications of Medpor implants in rhinoplasty – Plastic & Aesthetic Research Journal – International – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2017 – ITALIAN FEDERATION OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE(FIME) – Accepted & Due in March 2017 – FIRST AUTHOR
  6. A novel technique for correction of congenital cleft of ala – JCLPCA 2014 VOL1(2) P 119-21 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2014 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 2348 – 2125 – FIRST AUTHOR
  7. Esthetic makeover of a syndromic face – July-December 2014/Vol1/Issue 22014;1:112-4

National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 2348 – 2125 – FIRST AUTHOR

  1. A New Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedure for correction of Frontal coup de Sabre Deformity in Romberg – J.Maxillofac. Oral Surg.(2015)14(suppl1):S401 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – SPRINGER NEWYORK – 0972 – 8279 – FIRST AUTHOR
  2. Namaste(counterbalancing) technique: Overcoming warping in costal cartilage – May-August 2015 Vol48 Issue 2;48:123-8 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 0970 – 0358 – FIRST AUTHOR
  3. Ossified costal cartilage during rhinoplasty:A surgical dilemma – IJPS 2015;48P:327-8 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 0970 – 0358 – FIRST AUTHOR
  4. Ride om technique and other simple and logical solutions to counter most common complications of silicone implants in augmentation rhinoplasty – May-August 2015;Vol48 Issue 248:172-7 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 0970 – 0358 – FIRST AUTHOR
  5. A novel technique of Defattening Large Full Thickness Skin Grafts – Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.2015 Dec, Vol-9(12):PL01 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2015 – JCDR,DELHI,INDIA – 0973-709X-FIRST AUTHOR
  6. Diced cartilage under perichondrial carpet with reinforcement (DCUP) technique for nasal dorsal augmentation – JCLPCA 2016 VOL 3(1)P3-8 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 2348 – 2125 – FIRST AUTHOR
  7. An innovative technique for columellar reconstruction using flipover buccal mucosal flap – Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Jul, Vol10(7):PD05-PD06 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – JCDR, DELHI, INDIA – 0973-709X – FIRST AUTHOR
  8. Ingenious technique of smoothening costal cartilage graft by glass polishing disc. – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 0970 – 0358 – FIRST AUTHOR
  9. Revisiting Mehendales needle holder for cleft palate surgery A gift from the bygone era – Indian Journal of Plastic surgery May-August 2016 Vol 49 Issue 2 P 293-94 – National – DR KAPIL AGRAWAL – 2016 – MEDKNOWN PUBLICATIONS AND MEDIA PVT LTD. B9, Kanara business centre, Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai – 400075 – 0970 – 0358 – SECOND AUTHOR

Paper Presentation

  • Masicon 2004(Thane) : Versatility of Cartilage Grafts in Rhinoplasty.
  • P.R.A.S.(International Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery) Mumbai : A case report on Aneurysm of Internal Maxillary Artery.
  • Mapsicon 2009(Mahabaleshwar): Importance of columellar lengthening in secondary cleft lip nasal deformities: symmetry V/S proportion
  • Apsicon 2009 chennai. Same paper has been accepted for August Conf.
  • P.R.A.S.(2009)(International Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery).New Delhi. Secondary cleft lip nasal deformity: Importance of columellar lengthening. Paper has been accepted for Nov. conf.
  • Apsicon(2010)Goa, presented a paper on Rhinoplasty titled; where do we go wrong?
  • MPCAPSCON(2011). Presented a paper on Difficult septorhinoplasty – My approach.
  • 170th GSMC Staff society (2011). Presented a paper on Rhinoplasty(NonReshaping)
  • Apsicon(2012)Lucknow, presented a paper in Peet Prize Session on “Rhinoplasty An Indian Perspective” & other paper on Role of fat grafting in aesthetic and reconstructive Plastic surgery.
  • Apsicon(2013)Mumbai.Given a keynote lecture on “Where do we Go wrong in Rhinoplasty”
  • AESURG-2014, NASHIK,
  1. Evolution of my techniques in Rhinoplasty
  2. Aesthetic Makeover of a syndromic face – A case report
  3. A new minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for correction of frontal coup de sabre deformity in Romberg’s syndrome