A person is advised kidney transplant in the following conditions

Kidney Failure – Permanent (CKD Chronic Kidney Disease)

Types of kidney transplants available:

  1. A) Living donor transplant: Become a Donor Today & Save a Life!

A living donor may be someone in your immediate or extended family, or it may be your spouse or a close friend. In some cases, a living donor may even be a stranger who wishes to donate a kidney to someone in need of a transplant.

Advantages of Live Donor Transplant are as follows:

Receiving a kidney from a living donor has shown   to last longer than a kidney from a deceased donor.

The operation can be planned to suit your schedule, since it is not necessary to wait for a kidney to become available from a deceased donor.

  1. B) Deceased donor (cadaver donor) is someone who has consented to donating his or her organs upon death. In situations where the wishes of the deceased donor are not known, family members may consent to organ donation.